Leverage our iBeacon technology experience to integrate innovative features and offerings. InfiCare Technologies team brings solid experience in iBeacons that began with developing innovative features for our mobile Apps. Contact us for your iBeacon solutions development needs or to integrate our iBeacon solutions into your software. Our solution works with our own BLE beacons as well as beacons from most vendors.

InfiCare’s Museum App on iOS and Android platforms has a Beyond-Exhibit add-on that leverages iBeacon technology to deliver content to visitors inside the museum to engage them deeper and to enhance quality of their visit.

Using iBeacon technology, our Beyond-Exhibit add-on to the InfiCare Museum App delivers interactive content delivery to visitors. The Museum App with Beyond-Exhibit add-on determines exact location of visitor in the Museum and automatically serves the relevant content like stories, pictures, interesting facts, videos, narratives that are relevant to exhibits in immediate vicinity of visitor.

Our iBeacon powered solution works both inside the museum and even outdoors for exhibits that are in the open areas. Our solution controls beacon range without having to swap beacons of different range. Our solution helps determine where exactly the visitor is, to deliver content to make the museum experience even more enriching and fun. Unlike GPS based solutions, our solution determines the user location and serves up relevant content without user needing to constantly send their geo-location.