Augmented Reality Mobile Apps – The Future of App DevelopmentDecember 11, 2017


Augmented Reality (AR) is the next big thing in the world of mobile technology in which the users witness the dream technologies becoming a reality with computer-generated data overlaid on it. It works with smartphones and tablet devices that use GPS to identify the location and then offer data as graphics, videos, and tags.

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All you need to know about WordPress Web DevelopmentDecember 07, 2017


WordPress is the most popular content management system which is used on the web and it is supporting a million websites. In fact, the platform powers 4.5% of the entire web. It is an open source platform which is based on PHP and MySQL and is the best choice for enterprise websites. It allows updates and modifications of content on your website without having to know the code.

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How to Map a Mobile Customer Journey for App Development StrategyDecember 05, 2017


By now you must have noticed that if you select the random users from your audience you will never find two identical ones with same experience. Each customer interacts and experiences differently with your app. So, in order to gain the loyal users, it is important to become a lighthouse and to lead them through your app according to their needs. This road is called mobile customer journey and keeping this in mind and understanding the customer journey is essential for mobile app development strategy to ensure the success of the app.

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How to create a Content Marketing strategyNovember 30, 2017


The business world is living in the age of content overloaded and everyone tries to master the art of content writing but only a few have succeeded and for them, content marketing is not just a one way go thing but they are aware of what they do and hence excel in it. As the internet ages, the information becomes the most prominent source of creating value in the eyes of your audience.

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How to get your Mobile Application ready for the Festive Season.November 27, 2017


“Tis’ the season to gain the attention of your customers by implementing these practices”

The festive season is approaching, the Christmas jingles along with the lights and with it the usages of mobile application are on hype. Mobile Application has now become a part of people’s lives and their dependency has increased which is clearly reflected in the app download rates.

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5 Mobile App Trends to follow in 2018 for Business GrowthNovember 21, 2017


Technology brings a new change along with it with every passing year and when we talk about Mobile Apps, 2017 has been a phenomenal year for app development. Mobile Application has now become a must for every business because of the user-experience and customer demand as it increase sales.

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iOS 11.2: Feature updates, release, and how to install the betaNovember 16, 2017


iOS mobile application have always brought some or the other transformation along with its update which has marked a great experience for its users. But, the coming of iOS 11 has been considered as the biggest change in the Apple’s Operating System.

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Inficare Technologies Pushes the Stakes Higher Being the Top Web Development Company in India at GoodFirmsNovember 07, 2017


There are companies that claim of providing excellent solutions on-time and within budget with excellent client feedback. Also, there are companies that actually make the aforementioned facts possible! Inficare Technologies definitely deserves to be on the latter list. Inficare’s gigantic and impressive portfolio has made a powerful impact on the company’s global rank and has thereby been listed as Top Web Development Company in India at GoodFirms.

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How to choose App Development Company.October 27, 2017


Before we jump on to our topic of the day, let’s focus on the growing need for mobile applications. Nowadays people are more into mobile applications then going for web search. Whether it is an e-commerce or any finance mobile application, they find it more convenient and reliable to use.

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InfiCare Technologies Named a Top App Development Company in Delhi on Clutch!October 11, 2017


At InfiCare, we are a global software, mobile, and web development company with over 16 years of experience. We make it our mission to provide our clients with top-notch solutions that enable the success of their business. With the cost to build a mobile app on the rise, we strive to provide top value for our clients, always delivering on time and on budget. Recently, our hard work was noticed, as we were just named among the Top App Developers in Delhi by Clutch, a ratings and review firm out of Washington, D.C., in their annual research.

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Why Mobile Apps are Important for Your Business?June 15, 2015


There is no doubt Apps are revolutionary changing the Mobile World now a days, and hence have become very significant for businesses and entrepreneurs. Due to rapid growth of smartphone users, it has become necessary for businesses to have mobile apps

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Tourist Attraction App – A Smartphone App for your Family Entertainment CenterFebruary 13, 2015


Businesses in the world of today have become fast and on the go. Customers cannot be stopped on the streets by attractive billboards to look at your facility. They cannot be expected to read up the classifieds section of their newspaper every morning and evening. Why let them sit on the internet and browse for a tourist or leisure spot to visit with their family or overseas relatives, when they can get to your family attraction just by the click of an application on their smartphone?

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Can Smartphone Apps Increase Museum Visitors?February 04, 2015


Museums are places that are loved by many people all around the world. For many individuals, they are a place that inspires a world of endless learning. With the use of specifically tailored and fashioned museum apps on a visitors smartphone or tablet the learning does not need to end when they walk out of the door. The museum experience can be taken with visitors wherever they go, and with the use of an app they can also receive the latest updates about new exhibits, upcoming special events or even discounts and great offers exclusive for app users; which is a great incentive to get them to continually have the app installed.

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Google+ Users Can Now Mail You Without Your Email AddressMay 09, 2014


In its attempt to expand your digital address book, Google has come up with a new feature. The feature would enable Google + users to email others on the network without actually getting their email address. The move presents users with a double edged sword – it would be easy for people in your circles to mail you even if you haven’t exchanged emails. But, on the other hand, random strangers in your extended circles could easily email you.

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